History - Present - Perspectives

VELROM is a company with full Romanian capital, established in 2010, which owns two production entities in the field of the food industry.

In March 15, 2010 was put on the market first bread produced by Velrom Targoviste.



From the beginning Velrom has invested in modern technology. The new automatic line is capable to produce three types of brad: loaf, round and oval using all type of flour: white wheat flour, black wheat flour, graham flour, rye flour and other special flour.

During the year oval bread becomes best sold gamma under the brand name “Painea Boiereasca” (The Boyar Brad”. This successful product in happy fusion between tradition and state of the art technology.

The unmistakable taste comes from a unique recipe and fermentation in wood baskets like in old times. Those two elements are completed by the extraordinary skills of our backers that “play well” with the ovens in order to put on the consumer table a permanently fresh and delicious bread.

Velrom are distributing directly or through distribution partners all types of breads in Bucharest and two counties: Dambovita and Prahova. Our products are present in Traditional Trade network also on the big retailer shelves: Mega Image, Kaufland, Carrefour, Auchan, Cora, Profi.

Our R&D Department works permanently to improve our actual portfolio quality also to create a new generation of products in order to offer to our consumer ecologic bread without preservatives and additives.

Velrom is one of the largest biscuits, pretzel and crackers provider in Romania and is currently producing for the local end European markets.


In 2013 have need installed two new modern production lines made in Swiss and Denmark. Those lines have automatic dosing systems of ingredients, kneading, glazing and automatic packaging machine.


The factory from Iasi can produces a large range of products: plain glutenous biscuits, digestive biscuits, crackers, fermented crackers, glazed biscuits also products that follow the latest trends in nutrition: multi-cereals, vitamins & minerals, fruits breakfast biscuits.

Our products are distributed on the national level in both main sales channels: Traditional Trade and Modern Trade (Kaufland, Carrefour, Auchan, Mega Image, Profi, Metro, Selgros) under well-known brands: Poieni, Grand Papa, 4×4, Tabiet.

With production capabilities of over +900 tons a month, the company is well equipped to expand into other emerging markets around the world.

We pride ourselves with 30+ years of experience in both the bread & biscuit manufacturing business. Our backers have made Velrom biscuits one of the tastiest & most appreciated products both locally and abroad.

Our brands are well known and appreciated both for children and adults, an ideal choice for nutritious and rich breakfast, snack or dessert.


  • Wide range of bakery products. Our versatile production lines can manufacture everything from sweet and salty biscuits to crackers, pretzel and chocolate enrobed products
  • End to end products development services. We provide full product cycle services from recipe development to production and shipping
  • Food technology services. Our experienced food technologist bring innovation and create custom recipes that serve any client needs.
  • Excellent customer service. We pride ourselves with the highest of customer service, ensuring your needs are met with excellence

Production Capabilities

The equipment is top of the line of Swiss & Danish tech and consist in highly automated and efficient manufacturing equipment: dosing, mixing, baking, cooling, enrobing and packaging

  • 3 production lines with a total capacity of up to 900 tons per month:
    • Line 1: Sugary Biscuits and Glutenous Biscuits Line
    • Line 2: Pretzel, Crackers and Glutenous Biscuits
    • Line 3: Gluten Free Biscuits
    • Automated packaging solutions: flow-pack, multi-pack, display boxes etc.


  • Currently biscuit types manufactured:
    • Glutenous biscuits
    • Sweet Biscuits with whole grain
    • Sweets Biscuits chocolate glazed
    • Digestive biscuits
    • Petit Beurre
    • Cream sandwich
    • Salty Snacks (laminated crackers, cocktail crackers)
    • Fermented crackers
    • Pretzels
    • Chocolate Pretzels

Location wise, our factory is located in the North Eastern part of Romania in Iasi with a production surface of 5,200 sqm (56,000 square feet)