History - Present - Perspectives

VELROM is the second largest bread producer in Romania, with more than 400 employees in three factories in Targoviste, Iasi and Buzau.

The well-known brands of our portofolio are: Boiereasca, the best-selling bread nationwide, Stela Franzela, Chef Papa, but also Grand Papa and Poieni, the latter having more than 50 years of history on the Romanian biscuits market.

On March 15 2010, the first bread produced by the Velrom bread factory based in Targoviste was put on the market.



From the beginning, Velrom has invested in modern technology. The new automatic line is capable to produce three types of bread as: loaf, round and oval using all type of flour as: white wheat flour, black wheat flour, graham flour, rye flour and other special flour.

The oval bread, which over the years has become the star of sales under the “Boierească” brand, is a happy fusion between tradition and state-of-the-art technology.

The unmistakable taste comes both from the unique recipe and the leaven in wooden baskets as in old times, as well as thanks to our bakers who skillfully use the modern oven so that on the consumer’s table the bread is constantly tasty and fresh.

Velrom distributes, directly or through partners, all types of bread now covering the counties of Dâmbovița, Prahova and the Bucharest area. Our products are present in both traditional trade and modern trade network (Mega Image, Auchan, Carrefour, Cora, Kaufland, Profi).

Our R&D Department works permanently to improve our current portfolio and is working on the new generation of products that will offer consumers organic breads without additives or preservatives, keeping the taste unmistakable.

Velrom is one of the largest biscuit providers in Romania and is currently producing for both the local market and the European market.


In 2013, the factory in Iași was equipped with two new and modern production lines with Swiss and Danish technology. Those lines consist of automatic ingredient dosing systems, kneading, glazing and automatic individual packaging machines.


The types of biscuits produced in Iasi cover a wide range from the classic popular biscuits, digestive biscuits, crackers, fermented crackers, minicrackers, minipretzel, glazed biscuits to products that follow the new nutrition standards. A good example could be the breakfast cereals with multigrain , vitamins, minerals and fruits.

Our products are distributed on the national level in both main sales channels: Traditional Trade and Modern Trade (Kaufland, Carrefour, Auchan, Mega Image, Profi, Metro, Selgros) under well-known brands: Poieni, Grand Papa, 4×4, Tabiet.

For over 10 years, Velrom has been writing success stories. We have continued to expand and become the best bread producer in the coverage areas, and in 2021 a new bread factory was built in Buzau. Our stories continue and are written by people who support each other in difficult times and know how to enjoy together the successes achieved.


The factory in Buzau benefits from modern technology, the production line being automated and able to produce the following types of bread: bagel, round, oval and also benefiting from a decoration technology by cutting spike breads in different shapes. There is also the possibility to decorate the products with mixtures of seeds, cereals, flakes and different flours. The Buzau factory uses the following types of flour: white, rye, dietary flour.

The novelty of the factory in Buzau consists in the manufacture of ‘…’ and brustuck.

Velrom distributes, directly or through partners, all types of bread now covering the counties of Buzau, Prahova, Ialomita, Ramnicu Sarat area.