The factory in Targoviste

The factory in Targoviste, one of the most modern factories in the country, started up in 2008, produces bread both under its own brand (such as Boiereasca) and under brands in the field (such as Whole Wheat, Sylvester), being the first greenfield.


Targoviste, Romania, Str. Laminorului (soseaua de centura) nr.56A (second gate Romlux)

The factory in Iasi

The factory in Iasi, started up in 2013, produces biscuits both under its own brand (such as Poieni, Biscuiti Scolari), as well as under brands in the field, such as Grau Intreg or Grand Papa.


Iasi, Romania, Calea Chisinaului, nr.33 (industrial area)

The factory in Buzau


Buzau, Romania, Soseaua Brailei 15

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